SAMCM 5th Anniversary Celebration

October 2, 2015

Last October 2, 2015, St. Anthony Medical Center of Marikina, Inc. celebrated its 5th Anniversary. On this day, the new hospital logo was unveiled. The elements in the new St. Anthony seal are (1) Rod of Asclepius directly representing "healing & medicine, (2) 2 intersecting bars visually forming a cross which symbolize St. Anthony of Padua, (3) Stalks of White Lily, the flower that St. Anthony de Padua held on most of his depiction that connotes purity and healing, (4) Shield which embodies St. Anthony's dedication to security & protection through its commitment to "Caring & Healing with Compassion".

Congratualtions to the Caring Management and Healing Medical Team & Staffs of St. Anthony! Cheers to another Compassionate Service Year!